Advantages of Members

The Portuguese Association of Surf Schools is continuously striving to get more benefits for its members, through the establishment of determinant partnerships with entities in the areas of promotion, development, and regulation of commercial surfing. Specifically, we highlight the following advantages currently offered to all our associated members:

  • Permanent involvement of all associated members, in decisions and proposals regarding regulation, planning and training for the learn-to-surf sector.
  • Global representation of the challenges faced by the whole sector, to the main public entities and organizations, responsible for its regulation.
  • Representation and defense of everyone’s interests with the relevant national, regional, and local institutions.
  • Representation in promotional moments developed by the Association and its partners.
  • Support and developments of projects and funding applications.
  • Query handling and regular information about the sector’s general and specific subjects.
  • Participation in training and workshops, as well as in every official event promoted by the Association.
  • Promotion in the Association’s website, including the presence in the interactive map and Members section table.
  • Support in legal issues.
  • Exclusive access to the Members Area, with privileged fundamental information, and to clarify any possible doubt and join the Members’ forum.
  • Access to the Surf Professionals Platform to find and hire qualified and experienced workers.
  • Access to the Association’s Quality Certification for Surf Schools.
  • Commercial advantages resulting from the Association’s partnerships.
  • Greater proximity and ease of access to the Association’s Partners.