Quality Certification

First Quality Certification for Surf Schools in Portugal

The Surf School Quality Certification by the Portuguese Surf School Association, was created to encourage these agents to adopt best practices in their operations, centred around the provision of safe and quality services, and based on principles of fair, and healthy, competition. This label is a tool which intends to reward the Surf Schools which comply with specific Quality and Safety criteria, considering the need to differentiate and value them in an increasingly competitive market.

Information and Getting Certified

Quality Certification 2021 Regulation | Download

Attachment 1 – Surf School Declaration | Download

Attachment 2 – Code of Conduct and Safety | Download

Pricing Quality Certification First Year 2021: 60€ Associated Members

All certified members will get via post, a Certified School kit, containing the Certificate and other informtive and promotional material.

All certified members will integrate a Taskforce, coordinated by the Direction of the Association, which will be responsible for laying out the rules and criteria for next year’s Certificate, and which will meet at least 6 times throughout the year.

Certified Members