Surf & Rescue


Training done in partnership between the Portuguese Association of Surf Schools (AESDP) and the National Lifesaving Institute (ISN), aiming to strenghten the connection between surfing and lifesaving.

It is common knowledge that Surf Schools and Coaches play an important role in the safety and rescue around the beaches in Portugal, as well as the whole surfing community. In fact, these are some of the main agents of safety out of the bathing season. However, many surfers do not have the proper knowledge of rescue techniques, first aid and Basic Life Support, and in most cases these rescues are not registered.

Length: 7 hours


1,4 Credits IPDJ

Portuguese Association of Surf Schools (AESDP) and the National Lifesaving Institute (ISN)


  • Concept of drowning;
  • Drowning chain of survival;
  • Factors to consider in surfers’ safety;
  • CPR;
  • Approach to the victim;
  • Analysis of the weather and wave conditions;
  • Preparatory phase;
  • Autorescue and rescue swimming;
  • Rescue techniques with different boards.

Surfing and Tourism Animation


Training aiming to pass on to surf coaches the fundamental concepts of tourism, management, marketing, and sustainability, which will allow them to adapt their services to tourists. Despite toursim being the main service for most surf coaches, their training has mainly a sports basis. This course allows them to complement their original, basic training of sports coaches.

Length: 25 hours

Certification: 5 Credits IPDJ


  1. Surfing Tourism in Portugal
  2. Surf School and Surf Camps Regulation
  3. The Importance of Communication
  4. Tourism Promotion: Tourism Marketing for Surfing
  5. The Sustainability of Surfing Tourism
  6. Management of Expectations in Surfing
  7. Introduction to Surfing in Tourism
  8. Training Through Tourism Animation

Coaches Training

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