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The partnership relationship established has as main objective to improve the organization and qualification of surf companies, products and services in Portugal.

The Portuguese Surf School Association (AESDP) and the Portuguese Association of Congress, Tourist Entertainment and Events Companies (APECATE), decided to establish a partnership that will be publicly celebrated at the Multiusos Municipal Building in Ericeira, on the 17th of November.

APECATE is an association with vast experience in representing Tourism Entertainment companies in Portugal, which is why it has not been indifferent to the current phenomenon of growth of surf operators and the planning and qualification problems that this growth has generated. The President of the Board of APECATE, António Marques Vidal, says that “we have been closely following the growth of surfing and these tourism entertainment agents, who have gone through challenges very similar to other tourist entertainment activities. We believe that the experience we have in this field, combined with the vast specialized knowledge of AESDP, will allow us to establish a path of progress and qualification for the sector.”

AESDP, on the other hand, warns of the need to promote moments of discussion and debate between professionals in this area and other members of the national surfing community, which is why it has prepared a questionnaire on the perspectives of different agents in relation to the current state of surfing in Portugal (available on this link until November 10th). The presentation of the results of this questionnaire will be made immediately after the celebration of the partnership with APECATE and the President of the Board of Directors of AESDP, João Diogo Pinto dos Santos, appeals: “it is extremely important that everyone interested in this topic attend this presentation, once which will be followed by a moment of debate and public discussion in which everyone will have the opportunity to express their concerns and points of view.”

These events will take place at the Multiusos Municipal Building in Ericeira, on the 17th of November, following the following schedule:

10:00 am | AESDP Ordinary General Meeting (exclusive to AESDP members)

1:00 pm | AESDP Social Lunch (exclusive to AESDP members)

3:00 pm | Official celebration of the AESDP-APECATE protocol (with communication from the respective Presidents) (open to the public)

3:30 pm | Presentation of the results of the questionnaire “Management and Regulation of Portuguese Beaches: Users' Perspectives” (open to the public)

4:00 pm | Debate and public discussion

For more information about this event, or questions related to surfing in general, contact AESDP:


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