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The RCPA is the most recent access to the Professional Title of Sports Coach (TPTD), which allows recognition of qualifications in the field of sports training obtained throughout life. In the case of surfing, this access route is of special importance, bearing in mind that the training of Coaches has not been keeping up, in quantity, with the growth and development of the sport and of the operators. For this reason, there are currently numerous Degree I Coaches across the country, with enough experience and skills to justify recognition of a higher Degree. In addition, there are also experienced surfers, with other backgrounds and experiences (for example, abroad) who do not hold Grade I, although they are competent to do so.

Understanding the need to give these professionals the due recognition for their skills and for all the experience they have accumulated, AESP – Portuguese Surf School Association provides a support service for candidates to obtain this recognition from the IPDJ – Instituto Português of Sport and Youth, IP It is essential to distinguish the different Coaches from each other, regarding their knowledge and skills, and the RCPA has the potential to solve the current situation in which the overwhelming majority of Coaches in Portugal, regardless of the results obtained and their experience, also hold Grade I.

In this way, an important contribution will be given to define the “pyramid” of training and qualification of Coaches, accelerating the result we all want for the future of National Surf: having a wide range of highly valued professionals, from Grade I to to Grade IV, which occupy the various spaces of surfing, from initiation in Schools to High Performance Training.


Members €95 | Non-members €120

One of the mandatory requirements for submitting a RCPA application to the IPDJ is proof of compliance with the specific prerequisites for accessing the desired degree and modality. The Portuguese Surfing Federation (FPS) currently has defined the requirements for access to Degree I of Surfing, as well as Degrees II of Surfing and Bodyboard, which can be consulted on this link .

In this way, all candidates to the RCPA must undergo an evaluation to prove compliance with the minimum technical skills necessary to access the TPTD, which can be replaced only in cases of athletes and former athletes with relevant sports curriculum in the modality in question , upon presentation of a statement issued by the FPS.

These analyzes will be conducted by Trainers of Grade II or higher, appointed by AESP together with one of the partner training entities, according to the candidate's region of residence. AESP will thus be responsible for indicating to the candidates a date and time for carrying out this assessment, which will be mandatorily recorded on video as proof.

Avaliação do Cumprimento dos Pré-Requisitos


Members €85 | Non-members €110

The success of an application to the RCPA General Regime depends on the ability to submit all documentation in a way that meets the criteria of the Final Curriculum Assessment that will be carried out by the IPDJ and FPS (see  Order No. 2875/2021, of March 17, 2021 ). The Curriculum and all supporting documents must be structured and ordered in such a way as to allow for an easy and correct analysis by the person who will assess them, responding exclusively to the points on the respective Assessment Form.

Candidates' eligibility analysis is done free of charge, and exclusively for AESP members . To this end, candidates must send a copy of all documents in their possession, proof of training carried out, professional experience, experience as practitioners or judges, as well as all other proof considered relevant. Based on the documents received, AESP will inform applicants if it considers that they meet the requirements to obtain the TPTD via the General Regime of the RCPA, thus allowing to avoid the payment of the €60 application fee at the IPDJ in an application that would be rejected .

AESP provides a service for the preparation of all documentation to proceed with the application, namely the creation of a specific Curriculum for the purpose of RCPA and the compilation of all relevant evidence. In addition, support and follow-up will be guaranteed throughout the process.

Preparação Candidatura


Members €165 | Non-members €210

The complete support service for RCPA requests includes the Assessment of prerequisites, as well as all the support and follow-up in the preparation and submission of the application, described in the two previous points.

Serviço Completo


All RCPA application submission processes are made through the PRODesporto platform and have an associated fee of €60 , which must be paid directly to the IPDJ .

AESP interprets the eligibility conditions of associated candidates and supports the entire process, not taking responsibility for requests that are refused by the IPDJ.

For more information and requests for RCPA support please contact us. 

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