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With the rapid growth in the number and dimension of surf schools and surf camps in Portugal, new job opportunities in various areas of these operators’ plans of action have emerged all over the Portuguese coastline. Considering the increasing demand for these services during high season, we have identified the need to come up with strategies for a fast and effective recruitment of adequately trained and experienced professionals by the surfing companies.

It is one of the main goals of the Portuguese Surf School Association to contribute to the learn-to-surf sector’s professionalization and to its greater recognition and consolidation.


It is in line with this approach that we came up with the Surf Professionals Platform, a tool that will connect the organizations to the professionals, thus promoting greater levels of job creation in the Portuguese surfing industry. Anyone who is interested in working in the Portuguese Surf Schools and Surf Camps can join this Platform, having to follow the Registration Conditions below. Every registered member will then be included in the Surf Professionals Platform, to which all of our associated members will have access through the Members Area. Interested surf schools and surf camps will then be able to contact the professionals directly, and vice-versa, for job offers according to their needs.


  • Fill in the Registration Form

  • Submit updated CV

  • Submit a valid Surf Coach degree (in case you register as a Coach)

Registo Plataforma Profissionais
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