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The Portuguese Surfing Federation (FPS) and the Portuguese Surf Schools Association (AESDP) launch today a communication campaign based on signs to be adopted on national beaches with a view to preventing COVID and surfing etiquette, in a call to attention to authorities and civil society for the role of surf schools as active agents in the management of what is their action space par excellence: the beach.

The campaign is based on two posters: one dedicated to measures to prevent contagion with COVID-19, and the other on surfing etiquette, two issues that complement each other and contribute to a better (and safer) enjoyment of surfing.

The president of the Portuguese Surfing Federation, João Aranha, contextualizes the joint campaign as follows: “It is a collaboration between the Federation and the Association for greater awareness among users of our beaches and an openness to collaboration with local authorities in order to implement signage clearer in this pandemic context that requires, above all, effective and comprehensive communication.”

In turn, Afonso Teixeira, Executive Director of AESDP, reinforces: “The objective of this campaign is, above all, to highlight the role of surf schools as agents that support the management of beaches and contribute with signage to help in communication in the Beach."

The FPS and AEDSP are now expecting a good reception from the coastal authorities to transform this campaign into physical signs of support on the beaches from north to south of the country.


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