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Following the meetings held in the council last month, the Portuguese Surf School Association (AESDP) will return to Peniche on the 13th of January for a session at the High Performance Center, where alternatives for a sustainable planning of the surfing in the Capital of the Wave.

As reported last month, AESDP met with the Captain of Porto and several local agents from Peniche, in defense of the sustainable regulation and ordering of the activity of surf schools, which have been multiplying at an accelerated pace in the municipality. The President of AESDP, João Diogo Pinto dos Santos, says that “the taking of measures to guarantee the safety and quality of the user experience is urgent throughout the national territory”, highlighting Peniche for considering that “it is being a victim of its own success”.

From the meeting with the highest body of the local Captaincy, the commitment was made to prepare a document by AESDP with proposals for concrete measures for an effective resolution of this situation. In this sense, to ensure that these proposals are representative of the perspectives of the local community, the Association will hold a presentation and debate session on January 13th, at the High Performance Surfing Center in Peniche. In the morning, the AESDP will meet exclusively with its associated members, and from 2 pm onwards the debate will be open to the public.

AESDP also appeals to the participation of all those who feel that it is necessary to take measures to change the current state of ordering in the surf education industry, in Peniche and across the country, so that they can contribute with their points of view. and so be part of this change.


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