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Updated information, dated May 2020, on the Best Tourism 2020 project, financed by the Portuguese Tourism Confederation (CTP) through Portugal 2020, on TRAINING and CONSULTING for surf companies, in partnership with training and consultancy Biosphere Portugal .

Main information:

  • This project is aimed at companies operating in the North, Center or Alentejo regions – if they are not headquartered in one of these regions, they must prove that they are active in one of the regions;

  • Due to the current situation, we decided to share the cost that companies would have to participate. Thus, participation in the project is free, subject to a commitment to participate in at least 95% of the training and consulting hours;

  • Participation in the project allocates the 10 IPDJ credit units necessary for the revalidation of the coaches' cards.

Intervention areas:

  • Resource Management and Digital Economy: 72 hours of consultancy + 48 hours of training;

  • Implementation and Certification of the Management System for Good Sustainability Practices: 60 hours of consultancy + 40 hours of training.

Download PDF • 1.58MB


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