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Taking into account the diversity of the legal context by which surf schools and surf camps in Portugal are guided, as well as the difficulties communicated by our members and the growing number of inspections, the Portuguese Surf Schools Association prepared the 1st Version of the Legal Surf Teaching Operators Guide.

This document should serve as a guide for a general understanding of the legal context, consisting of an informative summary, for which the respective legislation should also be consulted and legal support should be sought when necessary. In these situations, you may request these services from us, so that we can help you and find advantageous solutions with lawyers who know the reality and legal context of our sector.

This is the first result of the association's effort to compile relevant information exclusively for our members, which will be updated as changes to the legal context warrant. We hope that this document will be useful to you. The same must be requested by members by email, so that we can send it.

We also take this opportunity to inform you that we are promoting a study that analyzes the dimension of the surf education sector in Portugal. For this purpose, we developed a survey to assess the real economic dimension of this activity, in order to value surfing education and its operators, as well as to strengthen the association's positioning and its negotiating power with the entities responsible for the regulation of the sector. We ask all of you to contribute to the results of this study by completing this survey, which should take no more than 3 minutes. You can do this through this link:


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