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The second edition of this unique and innovative competition, which brings together all the Surf Schools operating in the municipality of Matosinhos, will debut in June.

The event is promoted by the Municipality of Matosinhos and organized by the Portuguese Surf Schools Association. It will consist of four competitions held on different beaches in the municipality, with a team-based relay format (tag-team).

Following the success of the 1st Edition of the Matosinhos Surf School Cup, which took place between 2021 and 2022, this year marks the return of a unique event in the national surf scene. The championship aims to promote the coastal area of the municipality of Matosinhos and foster greater unity and closeness among local Surf Schools, focusing on sharing and camaraderie rather than just the competitive aspect.

The innovative relay competition format, inspired by the traditional Aloha Cup of the International Surfing Association (ISA), will be implemented in Portugal. Each school will be represented by a team of 5 members: 1 coach and 4 students. One of the changes from the previous edition is the opening of the competition to all licensed Surf Schools operating in the municipality, not just those based in Matosinhos.

Luísa Salgueiro, the Mayor of Matosinhos, emphasizes the importance of this event "for the promotion and dissemination of the potential of the entire Matosinhos coastal area, which is extensive and highly diverse, and our Surf Schools are the prime agents to showcase it to the world."

Afonso Teixeira, Executive Director of the Portuguese Surf Schools Association, states that "the previous edition proved that this competitive format meets the objectives of promoting tourism in the region, while also providing unique leisure and socializing moments among all Surf Schools and their students."

The Matosinhos Surf School Cup is promoted by the Municipality of Matosinhos, organized by the Portuguese Surf Schools Association, and supported by Deeply, Matosinhos Sport, APDL, Buondi, Ocyano, and Sydra.

Calendar of Matosinhos Surf School Cup competitions:

Cabo do Mundo Beach

June 11th

Pedras do Corgo Beach

June 25th

Aterro Beach

Date to confirm

Agudela Beach

Date to confirm

Note: depending on sea and weather conditions, the locations and dates of the tests may be changed.

All events will also feature other actions and activities for the whole family, which will take place in parallel on the respective beach, promoted by the event's partners.

+Info – AESP: | 912 312 119


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