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Registration is open for two training actions aimed at the entire surfing community, with emphasis on those who already work or intend to work in the area.

Surfing tourist entertainment

Training fully developed by AESDP, which aims to provide all professionals with tools to better work on the tourist product and services offered by most surf schools and surf camps – 5 credit units.

Surfing and Rescue

Training taught by Protectcare in water rescue and first aid for surfing – INEM Certificate in Basic Life Support, 5 credit units and offer of a pocket mask.

Each course lasts 25 hours and assigns 5 credit units by the IPDJ. The courses take place over two consecutive weekends and together award the total 10 credits needed to renew the coach's cards.

SEPTEMBER 20th to 22nd and 27th to 29th: Porto and Aveiro

OCTOBER: Lisbon Region


Discounts for all our associate members and for enrollment in both courses.


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