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The results of the questionnaire of the Portuguese Surf School Association, on the impact of Covid-19 on the surf education sector in 2020, have already been released. Despite the difficulties experienced and the breaks in periods of confinement, 3 out of 4 of these operators managed to resort to support and the sector is in full recovery.

In June 2021, the Portuguese Surf School Association carried out an exclusive questionnaire for its members, which had the participation of 43 operators, 74% of which were companies. The results of the same had already been shared with members in an exclusive online session, and are now shared publicly.

At a time of world pandemic, AESP sought to understand how Covid-19 affected the surf education sector in Portugal. The questionnaire presents results representative of the difficulties experienced in 2020, in relation to the pre-pandemic period.

The questionnaire was answered by Clubs or Non-Profit Associations, Individual Entrepreneurs and Companies. With an average experience of 13 years in the operation of surf education services, 88% of respondents suffered a business loss, and for more than half of them, this decrease was equal to or greater than 40% compared to 2019.

With regard to the area of intervention of services provided, respondents provide services in: Tourism and Leisure (38%), Educational (23%), Social Action (20%) and Sports Training and Competition (19%). It is also important to mention that, regardless of the pandemic that we are going through, 56% of the participants find it difficult or very difficult to find properly accredited Coaches in high season.

The questionnaire also included some questions to assess the work that has been carried out by the Portuguese Surf School Association, with 98% of respondents considering the existence of a National Schools Association to be essential and evaluating the work carried out by AESP in a very positive way.

The complete presentation of the results can be consulted on the AESP website, through the following link.


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