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The Center for Surf Research belongs to the University of San Diego and specializes in the study and research around the sustainability of surfing around the world. The objective is to share knowledge and create synergies and internship and exchange opportunities between Portugal and California.

The Portuguese Surf School Association (AESDP) thus established yet another partnership that it considers crucial for the pursuit of its goals in terms of sustainability and ordering of surfing in Portugal. The Center for Surf Research has extensive knowledge and work developed in terms of management and regulation of this activity, at the academic level and with governments and municipalities in different countries. This partnership will allow them to get to know in more detail the different realities and planning plans for surfing around the world, helping to inspire and develop a solution tailored to national needs.

In addition, it is intended to create the opportunity for San Diego State University students and members of the Center for Surf Research to participate in internship and exchange programs with AESDP and its associates, as well as for members of surf and surf schools camps associated with AESDP that intend to intern in California. To celebrate and start this partnership, the first internship program is already underway by a student from the University of San Diego with one of the associate members of AESDP in Peniche – the Baleal Surf Camp.

New exchange programs will soon be developed that will allow the various surf schools and associated surf camps to receive interns from this research center to help implement innovative sustainability strategies in their operations.

For more information about these programs, contact AESDP:


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