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Thinking about the environment and the quality of the services of its Associates, AESP established a partnership with Oficina do Fato de Surf, which will make it possible to prolong the life of the wetsuits used by Surf Schools.

Founded in 2012 by Jaime Gonzaga, Oficina do Fato de Surf is a shop specializing in repairing neoprene wetsuits, whether they are Surf, Bodyboard, Windsurf, Diving wetsuits or others.

With 10 years of experience and always thinking about improving the comfort of its customers in the water, Oficina do Fato de Surf offers the most diverse arrangements from replacing panels, collars, zips, repairing various types of tears, and treatment of the various types of neoprene, reinforcement in the most fragile points of the suit, tailor-made adjustments, and even gluing, sewing and sealing.

With the mission of helping water sports lovers, Oficina do Fato de Surf, official repairer of Deeply neoprene wetsuits, seeks to carry out their arrangements in the shortest possible time and, despite being located in Matosinhos, offers its services a Nacional level.

From now on, AESP associates will be able to recover their most worn out suits, prolonging their useful life, with comfort for customers and with a positive environmental contribution.

Oficina do Fato de Surf is thus the latest partner in a list of entities associated with the Portuguese Surf Schools Association, offering special conditions for its members.

For more information: Oficina do Fato de Surf


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