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Today, December 5th, Bill 146/XIII, which amends Law 40/2012, of August 28th, on the regime of access and exercise of the activity of sports coach was discussed in a plenary session of the Assembly of the Republic.

Among the changes introduced by this Law, the following stand out:

  • Granting autonomy to the grade I sports coach, expanding the spectrum of his intervention, attributing to him competences in the scope of formal and also informal practice;

  • Period for the renewal of the certificate through continuous training courses is changed from 5 to 3 years;

  • The IPDJ can issue conditional Trainer titles after completion of the degree I curricular training, before the internship, in cases where there are not enough trainers with a professional title in a certain region;

  • The inspection of compliance with the exercise of the activity of sports coach passes from the federations to the ASAE;

  • Reformulation of professional profiles for all levels of training, which will have the corresponding reformulation of the training reference, clarifying the relationship established between the levels of training and the stages of sports development of the practitioners;

  • Support for dual careers, allowing practitioners to attend coach training during their journey as athletes;

  • Post-career support, aimed at facilitating the career transition of advanced level practitioners to coaches, creating conditions to accelerate the training process;

  • Reduction of periods of activity between degrees, allowing you to reach the top of your career in a shorter period of time.

The Bill can be consulted in full HERE.

The Portuguese Surf School Association is attentive to the developments in this law change and will bring more news soon.


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