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It is with great pleasure that ASI announces the opening of registration for the first three classes of the year, of the Grade I Surfing Coaches course.

Approved by the IPDJ, the course consists of 3 Training Components: General Component, Specific Component and Internship. Once again, the courses will be taught in b-learning format, with the General Component of the training being carried out online, with students being given access to the ASI E-learning Platform. In turn, the Specific Component will be face-to-face and will take place over six days of the Workshop.

Students must choose the most convenient date, with the dates as an option:

28 February to 5 March, in Sagres (Algarve);

9th to 14th of May, in Matosinhos (Porto);

23rd to 28th of May, in Sagres (Algarve).

Enrollment is limited and should be completed as soon as possible, given the strong demand these courses have had and the limited number of places available.

We also remind you that as a result of the partnership between AESP and ASI, each participant who takes the Grade I Surfing Coaches course with ASI will benefit from 1 year of membership as an associate member of AESP.

Note that these will only be the first three dates of the year and that, as soon as possible, ASI will announce the remaining dates and locations for the rest of the year. On the ASI website it is possible to check the dates and respective prices, and proceed with the registration.

For more information about the Grade I Surf Coaches Course, click here.


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