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The association started the application process for members interested in being part of this entity, which represents surf schools nationwide.

The Portuguese Surf School Association (AESDP) was created by owners of surf and bodyboard schools, to respond to the current national context of rapid growth in wave gliding, intending to be the voice of this business sector in mainland Portugal and insular. At a time of constant changes to the legislative and regulatory context of this activity, AESDP emerges as the first entity invested in defending the interests of these companies.

The president of AESDP, João Diogo Pinto dos Santos, said that “we are living through a critical phase in the context of surf schools all over the country, characterized by the lack of specific regulation and supervision, as well as by an inadequate training model. .” According to him, “this current framework has been responsible for the emergence of surf schools with very different quality parameters, in addition to jeopardizing the safety of different beach users. It is necessary to create solid foundations for the management of surfing in Portugal, in order to guarantee the sustainability of these businesses in the future.” The association's president ends by stating that "this is the main mission of AESDP."

The association has defined a work plan for the year 2018, which includes, among others, making a detailed characterization of all beaches in the country with conditions for teaching surfing, presenting proposals to change the specific regulations of these operators, promoting the its associates in international fairs and develop, in partnership with training entities, different training actions for schools and coaches. In addition, AESDP is preparing a series of meeting moments open to all operators, in Porto, Lisbon and the Algarve, to bring the association and companies closer together.

In this context, the association began the registration process for natural and legal persons within this business area, who identify with the values ​​of this entity and who wish to have an active voice in its representation and defense of its interests. This registration can be done through a pre-registration on the AESDP website, where you can also consult all the details about the functioning of the association.


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