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This and many other conclusions were presented last Tuesday, March 16, in the Webinar “The Path to the Professional Representation of Surf Coaches” organized by AESDP – Portuguese Surf School Association, with the participation of about 80 Trainers and that stretched for almost 3 hours.

The results of the questionnaire launched by AESDP to national Surf Coaches are already known, which had an overwhelming participation of 308 Coaches. These results were presented in the Webinar “The Path to the Professional Representation of Surf Coaches” promoted by AESDP and with the participation of the body recognized by the State for the representation of Coaches, the Confederation of Coaches of Portugal, represented by its President Pedro Sequeira.

In addition to presenting the main results of the questionnaire, AESDP also presented a proposal for a future action plan for an effective and professional representation of the Coaches, in order to respond to their needs. At the end, there was a debate open to the participants, where different opinions and concerns were exposed.

This unprecedented moment, carried out through the Zoom platform, had almost 80 participants and laid the foundations for the recognition of the Surf Coach profession. Although the program foresees a duration of 1:45h, with the end scheduled for 19:45h, the debate was lit and extended until 20:45, making a duration of almost 3 hours. The presentation of AESDP's results and action plan proposal can be consulted below.

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