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The 7th Congress of Portuguese Language Coaches will be held on June 1st and 2nd in Portimão European City of Sport 2019 and, thanks to the support of the Portuguese Surf Schools Association, for the first time it has a workshop dedicated to professionals of the Surf.

The Congress is organized by the Confederation of Coaches of Portugal in partnership with ACES Portugal and the Municipality of Portimão! Participants in the Congress will be allocated 2.2 Credit Units (1.2 UC General Component and 1 UC Specific Component) for the revalidation of the Sports Coach, Physical Exercise Technician, Technical Director and Physical Education Teachers (CCPFC) cards ), with a total of 21 modalities already confirmed!

The most recent partnership of the Confederation of Coaches of Portugal, the AESDP – Portuguese Surf School Association, allows the carrying out of the Surf workshop at the Congress: “Technical Evolution in Surfing: Sport and Tourism”, where the concepts will be addressed and surf training techniques in this fast-growing sector in Portugal. This workshop will be taught by the Vice-President of AESDP and reference in the training of surf champions in Portugal, Sérgio Wu Brandão.

Workshop Summary:

It is in the tourism sector that surf education in Portugal has had its greatest growth and development. However, it appears that in most cases, little attention is paid to the development and technical evolution of this audience, with the market still very focused on the phase of absolute initiation. In this workshop, there will be a brief introduction to the essential pedagogical concepts and techniques to guide training with tourists towards greater technical evolution and for the transition between beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.


  • 1st and 2nd June morning plenary conferences with 1.2 credit units in the general component;

  • 21 modality workshops on the 1st of June in the afternoon with 1 credit unit in the specific component: Handball, Athletics, Basketball, Billiards, Boxing, Capoeira, Gymnastics, Football, Futsal, Golf, Roller Hockey, Karate, Swimming, Hiking and Mountaineering, Orienteering , Rowing, Surfing, Taekwondo, Physical Exercise Coach (TEF), Ongoing Teacher Training (CCPFC) and Volleyball

Info and Registration HERE


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