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The magazine Teste Saúde, from DECO Proteste, launched an article that alerts to the lack of effective regulation and inspection on the beaches, more specifically for the activity of surf schools and surf camps.

This is a theme around which our activity has been centered and, as such, we were invited to participate in this study. It is imperative for us that the solution to the problem consider and adapt to the needs of entrepreneurs in the field, who are the agents who have been looking for and demanding the implementation of measures for the longest time.

Through the Portuguese Surf School Association, these operators have a constant and professional voice and representation on this topic. It is our mission to ensure that the sector's voice is present at decision-making moments, and that operators are not mere spectators destined to follow rules and pay fees inappropriate to the reality of their activity.

The full article can be consulted on the DECO Proteste website, at the following link:


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