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The Portuguese Surf School Association (AESDP) was at the High Performance Center of Peniche on Sunday, where it presented its action proposal for greater regulation of surf schools and for a more sustainable management of surfing in the wave's capital .

The need to change the regulatory context and ordering of surfing in Peniche was well demonstrated by the strong adhesion to the sessions organized by AESDP. In the morning, the Association met with 25 of its members who operate on the municipality's beaches, and the public afternoon session was attended by more than 60 people who expressed their concerns regarding the current state of mass surfing. in Peniche.

AESDP presented other national cases where this problem has already been resolved and communicated its proposal for the way forward for an effective planning of beaches in Peniche. This proposal involves the creation of a working group composed of representatives of the various local agents, to carry out a set of proposals for actions to be implemented in the 2019 bathing season.

This session arose as a result of the commitment established between AESDP and the Captain of the Port of Peniche, in which the Association was to present a document containing a regulation and ordering strategy coordinated between the various local agents. The aim of the AESDP is now to prepare a document that gathers a general consensus among all those who use the beaches of Peniche.

This is a decisive moment for the future of the national surf capital, in which AESDP is heavily invested, and thanks to the warm reception by the community of Peniche and the participation of various local entities, including the City Council, the Local Surfers Club and Union.

The presentation made can be consulted below:

Download PDF • 632KB


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