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Portuguese Surf School Association (AESDP) offers new opportunities to all those who want to work in national surf schools and surf camps.

With the approach of the new bathing season, the rush to the beaches and an increase in demand for services provided by surf schools and surf camps all along the coast are anticipated. To respond to demand, these operators appear as the main contributors to the creation of jobs for surf enthusiasts across the country.

In order to facilitate the connection between professionals and employing surf schools, AESDP launched the Surf Professionals Platform. In February of this year, the Association had created an exclusive platform for Surf Coaches, now extending that same platform to respond to all the human resources needs of its members. According to the President of AESDP, João Diogo Pinto dos Santos, “the launch of the Coach Platform received very good feedback and was important because it allowed filling an empty space for communication that sometimes existed between coaches and surf schools. However, the needs of our members are far from being limited to hiring Coaches, which is why we decided to open the Platform to all those interested in working on the beaches and thus increase the database available to members”.

Thus, anyone interested in working in surf schools or surf camps will be able to register on this platform from now on, to which AESDP associate members will have exclusive access. The platform includes, among others, the trainers' résumés, place of residence and surfing and professional experience. Thus, interested surf schools and surf camps will be able to contact these professionals directly, and vice versa, for job offers according to their needs.

Registration must be done in the Professions section of the AESDP website.


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